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Based out of Seattle, WA, CANNXN is the homegrown musical project of singer & songwriter Megan Cannon. She has been writing and performing locally for the past five years, and has garnered a reputation for interweaving conversational lyrics with soundscapes that are both emotional and vibrant. Born and raised in Puyallup, WA, a small town South of Seattle, Megan spent most of her middle school and high school days writing and producing songs in her bedroom. Inspired by pop-punk acts like All Time Low and Fall Out Boy, she started writing on the acoustic guitar and later moved to crafting larger productions after finding modern alternative acts such as PVRIS and Halsey. Prone to overthinking, songwriting served as an outlet to sort through the experiences of her adolescence. Her debut single, “Outer Space” was released on July 10th and features analog synths, thumping bass, and delicate vocals. What is your earliest memory of music? And, how did you get started in music? I think my earliest memory of music is playing Guitar Hero as a kid. I was always obsessed with playing “Misery Business” by Paramore and would come home from school to play with my brother, and we would go through all the different tracks for hours. Later in life, I wanted to challenge myself and learn more, which led to experimenting with a variety of instruments and eventually writing my own music. What was the first song you ever wrote? What or who inspired you to start writing music? I wrote lots of terrible songs when I was 14/15, but the first real song I wrote that left a lasting impression was one called “Tomorrow” that I put out when I was part of a band for a summer camp when I was 16. Writing that song was the first time I really felt confident and capable in what I was doing and it made me excited to share my music with others. A lot of the music I write is inspired by modern alternative acts such as the Wrecks, PVRIS, and K.Flay, but my early influences were definitely Taylor Swift, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy.

Do you play any instruments? If yes tell us about it. If not, do you work with a band or studio musicians? Do you produce your tracks or work with a producer? My music journey started when I learned guitar at age 13, and since then I’ve just slowly been learning as many things as I could. I took bass lessons for about a year, and along the way picked up the ukulele and basic piano chords and scales. I wanted to learn as many instruments as I could to accurately get the sounds I heard in my head out the way I wanted to. That being said, I produce all my own music! Recently with this last track (Uncomfortable), I got some additional production help from Connor Weinstein of 137 productions to help clean up the track and really enhance everything, but the bulk of the production is done by me in my bedroom. What is your favorite part about being an artist (performing, recording, writing, playing)? My favorite part about being an artist is the writing and production process. I’m very introverted and keep to myself a large portion of the time, so in the writing process it really allows me to build upon the internal dialogue in my head, and paint an auditory picture of how I feel through the production. It's fun to make something out of nothing, and build a story out of a passing thought. Do you have any advice for young women pursuing music? Be loud. Growing up I was a very reserved and quiet person, and while I still am, the main thing I’ve learned is to be unapologetic in all aspects of your music. Don’t be afraid of what somebody else will think when listening to you, just do it. If you think something is “too much”, it never is. For readers who have never heard your music, can you suggest one or two songs to start with? "Uncomfortable" for sure. I love "Outer Space", but sonically, "Uncomfortable" feels more authentic and fitting for where the world is at right now. I’m quite proud of the production as well, it took a long time to get it right, but it sounds exactly as I heard it in my head when I first wrote the track.

What do you feel your strengths are as an artist?

I think my strength is how much creative control I have over my music. Since I produce and write all my material, it feels very authentic and homegrown. I also have a very blunt and to the point way of writing my lyrics, I don’t like to tiptoe around the truth, I like to be direct with what I have to say, even if it’s hard.

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