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With authencity as their compass, Caroline Keller Band weaves their stories into timeless melodies and thoughtful, reverent lyrics that transccnd time and place. Caroline made a name for herself as a Country Gospel singer starting when she was sixteen. She recorded three albums and topped the Country Gospel charts, with four songs ranked in the top ten.

Caroline has paired with fellow songwriters and touring musicians Scott Spruill, John Christenbury and Clint Presley forming the "Caroline Keller Band." The band, at its core, are four friends who have music running through their veins. They are adventurers, coffee drinkers, and lovers of traditional country music. Their sound has been described as "Traditional Country with an Americana flair". In the summer of 2016 they were invited to be a part of the Sunday night writers nights at the Bluebird café and have since been making quarterly appearances. They were awarded the 2017 Don Gibson Singer Songwriter Symposium award with their song "The Way It Goes" as well as 2019 Queen City Country Female Artist of the Year and 2018 Carolina Music Award Best Americana Band.

What is your earliest memory of music? And, how did you get started in music?

My earliest memory of music is when I was a kid and I would sit at the piano with my mom and dad and sing while they played. Music has always been a part of my life. When I was 6 I started taking piano lessons and then took voice lessons from the age of 10 on through my teenage years.

What was the first song you ever wrote? What or who inspired you to start writing music?

The first song we ever wrote as a band was a song off of our first EP released in 2015 called “undone”.

Do you play any instruments? If yes tell us about it. If not, do you work with a band or studio musicians? Do you produce your tracks or work with a producer?

I play enough of the piano and guitar to write with but as for studio and live shows I leave that up to the guys in the band. Scott plays acoustic and sings, John plays bass, Clint plays a killer electric guitar amount many other stringed instruments, and Charlie is our drummer.

What is your favorite part about being an artist (performing, recording, writing, playing)? My favorite part of being an artist is being able to connect with people in a unique way. Being able to share my story and have people relate to it is so special.

Do you have any advice for young women pursuing music?

My advice to young women pursuing music would be to never give up and to never let someone else decide what you are capable of. Only you can decide that. Above all else, work hard but also work smart!

For readers who have never heard your music, can you suggest one or two songs to start with? Right now the song I would recommend would be “Everlasting arms” it’s a departure from our previously released music but we are so excited about it and love playing it.

What do you feel are your strengths as an artist?

Our strengths are how we operate as a team. We each have our own talents that we bring to the table and we recognize that “it takes a village” as they say to create music and have a lasting career in it.

Where can fans access your music? Our music is available on all streaming platforms under Caroline Keller Band and is also available on our website.

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